Snow in the City – UPDATED!

Now that I live outside NYC I assumed that there would never be a snow day again.  Trains don’t care about snow.  And all I take to work is two trains and my feet.  So I had resigned myself to having to work all the time since nothing cool ever happens to me.  Until this…


Semisonic – Closing Time

Next week will be the five year anniversary of this column.  I have still never repeated a song.  And this was going to be the week I did it, and on purpose.  Closing Time by Semisonic is as 90s as things get.  It’s from 1998 and the first thing I did was to get ready…

diesel babe

You Can’t Park Your Truck Here

“It’s ridiculous,” David Orlando says. He’s being sued for parking his 2014 black Ford 150 pickup in his own driveway. Home Owner Associations are getting to be notorious for imposing arbitrary fines and liens on rogue homeowners in their communities. These organizations tend to attract incompetent control freaks with too much time on their hands….


Reddit Is Confusing Until It’s Scary

I’ve been on the internet a LONG TIME. Like, I’m one of those people who was on BBS’s before I actually got real internet. I barely passed my high school typing class but actually learned to type (out of necessity) while working at AOL because I was on Messenger all day. I feel like I…


Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Bryan Adams is completely cool in my book.  My grammar school dances needed him to be there (figuratively), crooning with his gravelly voice and bad skin.  He was everyone in fifth grade’s hero.  And his 80s might spilled over juuuust a little bit into 1992 when he got the plum assignment of providing a song…

Oh hey mind if I bring this to your house to do some home repairs while high out of my mind?

So This is Why People Don’t Like Craigslist

So I’m working on a bunch of renovations in my condo. The point of them is twofold: to make it a pleasant place to live and to increase my property value so I can finish a refinance I’ve been working on for, like, what seems like my entire life. Anyway, I am pretty handy and…