Everything is Ruined

Hey, do you remember that time I posted about how CB2 was selling a bike “lock” that was made of nothing more than cloth?  Well, I hate to say it because I own a bunch of really cool stuff from this company (it’s a sub-brand of Crate & Barrel), including this really awesome fold-up desk……


Waiting for the Train: Episode 39

This week we are sadly without BNev, so it’s just Acadia and Jenn…. naturally Acadia would work in photos of giant scantily clad women. For more on that, listen to the podcast. Editor’s Note – Shut up, Jenn — Acadia News items: Dylann Roof found fit to stand trial “Young Han Solo” movie – a…

Joey CAuthor:
Joey C

I Love Your Cookies….

Hello. My name is Jose Carrillo. But my friends and stalkers know me as Joey. Anyway, I had a dream last night. My dreams have always been different. They are always POV, and they always have some sorta storyline. I also have the ability to “nudge” my dreams; rewind and restart them with a different…