Friday Nineties – Eminem – My Name Is

I have been holding off doing this song for a long time because I don’t like using versions of videos that aren’t original.  But, as a weird testament to the white dude, I cannot find a studio made version of My Name Is with the original lyrics in it.  Even the “explicit” version online (embedded…

Srazhenie (The Battle)

Stop Working and Watch This Movie Based on Battleground

Any good Stephen King fan knows Battleground, a short story of toys on a deadly mission, from King’s seminal 1978 Night Shift collection. However, you’ve probably never seen a decent film adaptation of it, particularly not a Soviet Ukrainian one full of all the rotoscoping cartoony glory and synthesizer soundtracks of 80’s animation. This 1986 short film titled Srazhenie…


Fall Finales and How I Learned to Love Them

As we roll into Thanks giving we are besieged with the “Fall Finales” of most popular shows.  The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham and presumably some shows I don’t like will be giving us cliffhangers that we can wonder about over the holidays and then eagerly get back into when winter is in full swing….


2014 Costume Contest – Winners and People’s Choice!

Took a little longer than usual, but it’s time for you to vote on your fave costumes from this year’s contest.  The three main winners (chosen by Eva Halloween and me) are above, but everyone is eligible for People’s Choice.  You can vote here, then be totally corrupt and go over to The Year of…

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“Your dog did what?” Part 2

A couple days ago, I put up a poll to make people guess how Redneck Tommy’s Pit Bull lost its eye and promised to give the answer the next day. Then the poll didn’t work right and things got hectic and we had to bail Acadia out of a Russian prison. You know how it…