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Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Are Not the Same Thing

Recently the big boss of this website had some questions about what the prefix “cis” meant, as in “cisgender”. I thought that as there has been so much talk online lately about LGBTQ rights and transgendered people in particular, that I would gather some useful information for you so that you can all feel a…


Persuasive Pin-Up

Previous Pin-Up Oneq Nao Dawn, Sinful Suzi, Dark Ivory, when an artist is most famous for the women he draws it’s definitively pin-up art. Joseph Michael Linsner is a comic book artist-colorist, penciller, inker and author. Mature-audience supernatural is the genre he favors but the high quality of his art means that he’s done covers…


Friday Nineties – Top Stories of 1996

For some weird reason, the Top Ten News Events of 1996 are still up on CNN’s website.  That was 19 years ago.  How many of the things do you remember, and, if you do remember them, how they doing now? Israel elects Netanyahu – and he is still there!  Or at least he left and…


Is Jon dead?

Both Kit Harrington and the show’s creators really, really, insist that Jon Snow is dead. The effect is somewhat ruined by George Martin giggling in the background and refusing to admit that “Dead is Dead” It sounds a lot like one of those Muahahahaha deals to me. Melisandre is moping around looking for a new…


Charlotte McKinney is good for Magazines

You know how they say there is a magazine for everything?  Like, people who make bread have their own.  Model train enthusiasts.  Hell, they still sell a magazine about Good Housekeeping when we all know that means “throw everything into one room and then forbid people to go into that room”.  But somehow Charlotte McKinney…


A List of Happy Things

I was thinking about writing an old school angry post for you folks but you know what? Fortunes have reversed from last week and I am now employed with a start date of June 29, so let’s just have some positivity today. Here are things to make you NOT filled with rage and disgust: 1….


Persuasive Pin-Up

ONEQ NAO Previous Pin-Up (Jungle Girl shower curtain) Oneq Nao is hard to define. There are hints of manga and bits of American comic book art combined with an art noveau style that leaves you wondering what Toulouse-Lautrec would have come up with if there had been a market for Pin-Ups when he was painting. “My illustration…