When People Bring Knives to a Gun Fight (on Twitter)

Let me start this post off right: trans women are women. The end. OK, now that we’ve established that, I’m going to explain a few other things you may or may not be familiar with. The first is intersectionality (wikipedia). From a USA Today article, here is a good synopsis: If feminism is advocating for women’s rights…

Texas Continues to (Attempt to) Destroy Modern Society

Hi, good afternoon. First, I must apologize because I know you have surely been missing my rage posts here. I’ve been saving all my rage for the podcast over the last couple of weeks (actually I’ve just been too busy…. I have a list of like three rage posts I need to make). But this…

Happy Birthday, BNev!

Guys, it’s BNev‘s birthday. Please wish her a good one, full of boxes of wine, tacos, and good behavior from CNev – and completely without slow walkers, people who get mad when you help them, and passive-aggressive peeps. Happy Birthday, BNev! We love you!

Charlotte McKinney Sunday: Sans Acadia

Apparently Acadia is too exhausted from doing things like this yesterday to write his Charlotte McKinney post, so I’m doing it. Because I’m a team player. So mostly BNev and I enjoy making fun of Acadia’s obsession with Charlotte and I don’t have anything against her but I don’t see anything especially amazing to report on,…

Amazon Is Trash And It’s Ruining Everything

Amazon is having some kind of massive problem and I can’t care about the details of why or what but it’s killing our site and effing with our photos and making it slow as hell so this is just here to officially notify you that for once it’s NOT OUR FAULT!