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Monday Pun Day – Volume 1

A Pun – All The Time Welcome to the first edition of Monday Pun Day’s at the Superficial Gallery.  I know you’re as excited about this as I am.  Puns are the highest form of humor and we should all work to cultivate our street pun creds.  To that end, I’m going to drop a…

Dad Jokes are Awesome Puns

A Pun and a Dad Joke Walked into a Bar

The Pun Is The Highest Form of Humor We’ll start right here.  If you don’t agree with this, you should probably reexamine your entire life.  People who groan, sigh, or roll their eyes at a good pun or dad joke obviously don’t get it.  Puns are simply awesome.  I mean, not everyone can pun, right?…

you don't know haiku

You Don’t Know Jack – About Haiku

  Ok lissen up, you lousy bass turds; I’m going to be dropping some heavy fecal matter on you here. Impotent stuff, so pay attention dammit.   I’m not talking about the truth behind Donald Trump’s hair, although if I did tell you that you’d not sleep for a week.   I’m not giving you…

Freedom of Religion for All

Open Letter to Those Supporting Muslim Ban 2.0

President Trump issued “Muslim Ban 2.0” this week and it’s more of the same. If you’re from one of six Muslim majority countries that have no history of terrorism on American soil, you can expect to be penalized and put in the penalty box when coming to the United States. Simply because you’re probably Muslim….

Her Pet Alligator, Chompers

Her Pet Alligator, Chompers

I had a dog, a parakeet, and a cat. All of which I didn’t appreciate. My job was to walk the dog, feed the parakeet, and clean the cats’ litter box. Still, today was bring your pet to school day, and I’d opted to bring Sylvester, the parakeet. He was in his cage by the…

trump's reality sucks

The Battle for Reality

Sometimes someone says something so profound you don’t really have a better way to say it.  Just so with critically acclaimed and published author A. Lee Martinez. Rather than lengthy commentary trying (and failing) to say the same thing, I’ll just post what he wrote on Facebook and let this insight soak into your gray…

Net Neutrality

The FCC Just Proved the USA is a Corporatocracy

The FCC, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a new mandate from Donald Trump, has just proven that the true rulers of our nation are not the elite few, or the obscenely wealthy, but rather corporations.  We are not an oligarchy, or a plutocracy, but rather a corporatocracy.  This is terrifying, and we’ll tell you why. We’ve seen…