Bikini Sunday – Jessica Barton


Jessica Barton is a swimsuit model and a car enthusiast. She measures in at 36″-24″-36″ and also has a twin sister. I think I could probably just stop there, but there’s more! She’s just as famous for her Playboy spreads as she is for having her 1100 hp Supra stolen earlier this year. No worries though, the team from Real Street Performance let her drive their 1,000hp Toyota Supra at the annual TX2K13 event in Texas and they were kind enough to record the results. Apparently the girl can actually drive! Oh yeah, and she wore a bikini of course.

Video after the jump (inserted by Acadia the click whore)

So I’m totally into this chick. What do you think? Would you let her drive your car? I’m thinking about making her my personal chauffeur as soon as Acadia gives me a raise. I’m holding my breath… (This is how you negotiate, right?) Help me out guys!

  1. I hate fake tits. Just sayin.

  2. She does justice to a bikini

  3. Don Quikaung

    Not only would I let her drive my car, I would also make her my chauffeur and only let her drive in a bikini. Unless she wanted to drive nekkid, that would be OK too.

  4. Blech. Fake bewbs look terrible.


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