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So, I saw this posted online yesterday, and it was pretty funny. But guys, I’m sorry, as usual, need to learn from women. We beat you at everything, even catfishing. Watch and learn from Cindy Kimberly, a model who did a bunch of ladies a solid this summer. (Yeah, it was in July, this is…

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Need a Roommate, Need a Gun, Want to Kill Roommates, Actually Kill Roommates: A Twitter Tale

Hi, Meet Zac. He needs roommates pretty often. Need roommate please — Zac☭ (@Zac_Penton) December 2, 2012 WHAT THE FUCK I NEED A ROOMMATE. HELLO? — Zac☭ (@Zac_Penton) March 2, 2013 Yeah still looking for a roommate over here. — Zac☭ (@Zac_Penton) March 14, 2013 But maybe he’s a little weird to live with, I…

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Pesticides are bad for bees: Also, spider poison is people poison!

It seems that some retailers are phasing out pesticides widely thought to be harmful to bees. Great! However, I’m not sure why we had to think so hard about this one. Spray poison on plants, designed to kill insects Bees are insects Bees die and such ??? Profit? When I read the headline “Scientists Say…


Waiting for the Train: Episode 24

This week we discuss how few f***s we give that Malia Obama might have smoked pot, whether it’s OK to make jokes about presidential assassinations, sexism at the Olympics, A-Rod’s retirement, and Delta Airlines’ dual f***-ups. Wife of a Bears' lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics https://t.co/kwZoGY0xAX pic.twitter.com/VZrjOvr80h — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune)…

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How Words Work: Feminism

Hi everyone. Just your resident “angry feminist”, Jenn, here. Did you miss me? No? Oh. Well, too bad. I wrote a nice angry post for you anyway. So what has my hackles up this time? Well, a couple of more famous women, who have benefited immensely from feminism, have declared that they are not feminists….