Friday Nineties – Seal – Kiss From a Rose

Heidi Klum in GQ 2002 as Mena Suvari in American Beauty photographed by Mark Seliger for The Sex Goddess

I’m not going to lie.  I could.  I could tell you that I put that old pic of Heidi Klum in the banner because today is the anniversary of when she married Seal (in 2005).  But in reality I didn’t want to have to post a pic of the actual Seal because his messed up face scares me.  I know it is not his fault but the poor guy looks like he bought a home Edward James Olmos kit.  And honestly he had a hit song, married Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum Pics here and Heidi Klum Tongue Pics here) and even though they are divorced now they had the best Halloween costumes ever so whatever, guy.

And I bet if you were like me you thought there was ONE reason Seal had those scars but in fact there is a different one.  And from the looks of it, Seal’s face is a hot topic.  Look what Google says.


Jeez, Google.  Have a heart.  Stop showing me how horrible people are.  Take those offensive ones out and just leave:  “Why is seal’s face”.  That’s what I would ask him if I ever met him.  Hey, Seal, why is your face?  Then he would hit me with a bag of money and tell me stories about dirty stuff he did to Heidi Klum.  Well played, Seal.  Well played.

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  1. Being hit with a bag of money is considered very lucky in China. Marrying Heidi Klum is considered lucky everywhere.

  2. Dydan

    Every time my BF hears this song, he goes on this tirade about poor Seal and his messed up face, who wrote this song (for Heidi, he says but I think that may not be true) and then she ditched his ass. Don’t ask me why my white, non-fucked-up faced BF who isn’t dating Heidi Klum is identifying so strongly with Seal, but apparently Seal is his spiritual Bro.

  3. Don Quikaung

    I refuse to feel sorry for him just because his face is messed up. He got to do lots of dirty, dirty things to Heidi Klum without using choloroform. And for that, he is on my nemesis list.


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