Friday Nineties – The X-Files is BACK!

Acadia Einstein


Seems like it was longer than that, but X-Files went off the air 13 years ago.  And now, for six episodes, it is coming back.  The show was one of my favorites back then and somehow Mulder and Scully are better looking now that they were then.  So this is an all around win.  Well, as long as they make sure they do the following:

  1. Do some call backs to the little things that made the show great.  Mulder should say something about sunflower seeds.  And someone needs to bring up how much easier it is for Mulder to get porn.
  2. Make sure that Skinner has moved up in the ranks of the FBI, or at least is in there somewhere.  Dude did Mulder and Scully a lot of solids over the years.
  3. Include the events after 9/11 in the grand conspiracy, but do NOT go too far with it.
  4. Make sure the Cigarette Smoking Man has a successor.  He was too good to just leave by the wayside.  And I thought the way they dealt with him was weak.
  5. These cannot all be mythology episodes.  I would rather none of them be pure mythology than more that one.  One (the final one) might be ok as a way to set the stage for whatever will be next, but the team is at their best when they are looking for some guy whose face can turn bread into sheet metal or something like that.  Solve some X-files.  That’s what we want to see.

That’s my top five.  I could go on and on (The Lone Gunmen, what if Krycek had a kid, when will Chris Carter learn that nobody is scared of aliens) but I don’t want to do what I am so afraid they will do with these six episodes: try to do too much.  At it’s best the show’s threads and plot lines were…Ruebenesque.  And if they try to cram a bunch more into it in six episodes it is going to remind everyone of the parts that stunk.

We want scary eppys, Chris Carter.  And we want the witty banter, vulnerability, and detective work from A-game Scully and Mulder.  And we want the mythology things tied together in some weird way that leaves us wanting more.  It’s six episodes, man.  That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.

Oh, and if you want to know what episodes I think you should watch to get ready?  Here they are:

Post Modern Prometheus

If you want someone to understand the X-Files, showing them this episode would be the way to do it.  At least to me.  You go, Cher!


Not sure how many people remember the Lance Henrikssen show, but it crossed over with X-Files and the episode ended with the year 2000 being rung in.  And this:

Mulder: The world didn’t end.
Scully: No, it didn’t.
Mulder: Happy New Year, Scully.
Scully: Happy New Year, Mulder.

Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man


Ugh.  Just….ugh.  So scary.  So so so scary.

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  1. Scott Moore
    March 28, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Skinner moved to NorCal and became a white supremacy meth cooker dude.Really, I saw it on TV.

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