Important News – Jessica Biel not Infallible

Jessica Biel went out somewhere last week with her husband Justin Timberlake after losing a high stakes game of Jenga which apparently forced to her be seen in public dressed as a robot stripper school marm.

This breaks a streak for Mrs. Timberlake in which she wore the following ridiculous outfits and still looked great:

  • A barrel like a cartoon poor guy.
  • Batman armor.
  • That Bjork dress that looked like a swan.
  • An actual swan.
  • Bjork (as a scarf)
  • Those dumb poofy dresses she wore in that magician movie.

And after the jump, the two worst things she ever wore that were STILL better that weird “French Maid from the Matrix” thing she has going on in the pic above.

Sad Catwoman needs some cigs

Sad Catwoman needs some cigs.

Better, no?

Better, no?

  1. UnFormedHeart

    I didn’t know they were married lol

  2. But she’s still Mrs. Timberlake.

  3. I must have those zebra slippers!

  4. “French maid from The Matrix” actually sounds like a pretty awesome costume contest idea.

  5. Dan Brill

    In the first picture, I wondered how she got that collar so white. By the last picture I knew. Borax.

    Thanks, Superficial Gallery. I always learn something here.

  6. Dan Brill

    Also, is JT starting to look more like Bruce Willis?

  7. Meh. I know a lot of people who are way into her (besides JT, that is) but everything about her just says MEH.

  8. It’s kind of a problem for me that links weren’t provided for the other photos mentioned (most of them). I am especially interested in the barrel.

  9. and SHE is with JT?! Doesn’t make sense to me. He could do so much better *sigh* Maybe she could hire me to dress her!


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