Never EVER Apologize for Thinking Sarah Palin Should Get Pooped On


I don’t want to eat it.

This is the stupidest thing I have ever read/watched/anything’d.  And it makes me sad that people doing editorials can’t say that someone should poop and/or pee in Sarah Palin’s mouth.  I thought this was America!

What do I mean?  Well, if you have even been home sick from work and lost the remote and the TV was on MSNBC then you might have seen the Martin Bashir show.  Now more than likely you made the logical move and drank the rest of the Nyquil and fell asleep but if you didn’t and it happened to be last Friday then you would have seen Martin say this.  And seriously PLEASE watch the whole thing.  I ask so little.

OK so first off, if you start out anything about race with “this isn’t racist” then it’s racist.  Period.  And if you are going to compare anything to slavery that is not slavery then you are wrong.  The national debt is not like slavery.  So, being a Poindexter, Bashir has his interns dig up a term paper’s worth of slavery horror accented by the fact that this one slave owner made his slaves crap and pee in each others’ mouths as punishment.  He uses this to show us that China or Citibank or whoever we owe money to is not going to come find your stupid kids in the future and make them go German on each other.  And he says that she is such an idiot that someone should crap in her mouth.  And apparently that was wrong.

Seriously.  He had to apologize.  Look at him.

WHY did he apologize?  Why did he call her Governor?  She is a half governor.  And why weren’t his words accurate or fair?  Who gets to judge who should or should not get their mouth pooped in?  Me?  You?  Certainly we can.  And if we can, then why not Martin Bashir?  Well I guess because he will get fired if he doesn’t?  Weak.  Why do liberals think they have to play fair?  Seriously?  This is why they lose.

Sarah Palin is an idiot.  She’s the political equivalent of a deep fried Oreo.  It sounds like it might be good.  And at first it might taste good.  But it ends up making you sick and if you eat enough of them you will die.  And Martin “nobody watches my show anyway” Bashir should have just left well enough alone.  Halfwit Palin has not mentioned his insult and I am betting it is because she couldn’t understand it.  Then again, I wouldn’t have been able to use that awesome picture of Sarah if he hadn’t, so good job, Martin.  But seriously.  Stop apologizing.  Just stick to your poop guns.  Otherwise you give the other side an opening to criticize you.  Haven’t you ever watched people argue politics on the Internet?  The statement below is true 99% of the time.  And you apologizing perpetuates it.


  1. Well, at least she has good hair…

  2. She sounds like she is having (or possible giving) a stroke every time she talks.

  3. I just realized that all the girls getting ARK music factory videos will grow up to be just like Sarah Palin


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