Poo Pourri – The Greatest Commercial EVER


Pardon the interruption from your regular Superficial Gallery Wednesday activities, but I’ve just seen the best commercial ever made and I do not want to wait until next Tuesday to share it with you.  You have to see this right now.  I don’t care what you are doing.  STAHP.  Right now.  Watch it.  Take it in in all it’s majesty.  You won’t regret it.

Introducing Poo Pourri, a very real product that will help you with your, um…bathroom problems.  But that’s not really why I pulled you in here.  It’s all about this great, awesome, and spectacular commercial.    I’m confident in saying you will never see a better one.  And I know my commercials.  Seriously.  I do.  Oh, and if you do feel you need to get your hands on some Poo Pourri, you can get it here.

  1. No video showing for me.
    Please tell me that you didn’t post FLASH in the age of HTML5.

  2. What the hell is going on around here?


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