Waiting for the Train: Episode 49

This week we went wayyyyy long so you will have a lot of extra stuff to listen to! I didn’t get to talk about how hot Betsy Devos is for 30 minutes like I had demanded.  But we did talk about how she didn’t get let into a school. I DID read some fascinating info…


Waiting for the Train Episode 37

Not gonna lie.  We recorded this on Wednesday night so it is all election talk.  Also, we find out B. Nev is a simpleton.  So it wasn’t all bad!  Well, It was for B. Nev, but she is a simpleton so she probably won’t even know.  Enjoy!


New America Worksheet

So everyone is stunned that Trump won the election today.  I am sure we will dig into it tonight when we record Waiting for the Train but I wanted to take a few minutes to do what I would have expected conservatives to do if Hillary had won.  I am going to give Trump a…