The Girl from the Stacy’s Mom Cadillac Commercial – Magali Amadei


Sometimes a commercial makes me interested enough to creep investigate the actress in said commercial.  You never know when someone is going to hit is big.  So I decided to find the girl from the Stacy’s Mom Cadillac Commercial.  Her name is Magali Amadei and she was a French Supermodel in the ’90s.  So I guess yay for her for still getting work?  It isn’t like you see Linda Evangelista in commercials.  Then again I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Either way – here’s the commercial and a gallery of Magali.  Magali…is that French?  I assumed all French girls are named Suzette.

  1. Though both women are beautiful, this is NOT the woman in the Cadillac commercial… models make their noses smaller, not bigger! One is upturned, the other one is not.

  2. “Girl”? That’s a grown woman in that commercial.


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