Woman Crush Wednesday: Laura Prepon

Laura PreponWe all knew and loved her as young, nubile Donna Pinciotti on the deliciously retro That 70′s Show. Given her recent turn as incarcerated lesbian Alex Vause on Netflix Original Series Orange is the New Black, it is safe to say that Ms. Donna has grown up! And hot damn, what a beauty she has grown into. It seems that since her time on the retro hit ended she has done all she can to shake that good girl image and that’s a win/win for all of us. Whether she is rockin blonde hair, dark brunette locks or taking a spin in ginger town she owns it. ┬áHer style is flawless.

Hot with any hair color and able to make bell bottoms and prison garb look sexy… It is easy to see why she was my choice for Woman Crush Wednesday…



Follow Laura on Twitter (@LauraPrepon) for info on all her upcoming projects and be sure to watch her on Netflix Original Series Orange is the New Black season 1.


  1. Plus she played Karla Homolka!

  2. Internet rumors are that she’s Tom Cruise’s next scientology bride. Enjoy her lesbian boobage on OitNB while it lasts.


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