YouTuesday – Got a Quarter?

Have you seen the prizes those crane games are offering these days?  I mean, you still can’t win anything because the crane has the grabbing strength of an old lady, but man, the prizes are so good that you have to try.  Take the prize the people in today’s video are going for, for example.  I could see dropping ten bucks trying to get that thing.

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  1. Holy hell that’s awesome. That can’t could give a shit and the dudes talking are creepy as hell. On a side note, my seven year old ALWAYS wins a toy when he plays those games. No idea how but give him a buck and he’ll end up with something!

  2. When does are nose hurt more than me lone gane but with a bearded secretary like my man servant? Do YOU has a man servant? I THOT NOT!!!
    – Ivy

  3. Corny, if you do have a man servant, I demand an increase in my Gallery compensation package.


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