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  • The Aztecs
    In the premiere of season four, Acadia, Mells, and Shooey talk about how absolutely metal the Aztec culture was. From Flower Wars to piles of heads, the Aztecs are fascinating and terrifying!
  • The Jennings 8 - Part Two
    Acadia, Mells, and Shooey wrap up their coverage of the Jennings 8 murders, also known as the Jeff Davis 8 in this episode.  The story will make you sad and angry, which is how you should feel once you get all the facts. These women need justice.
  • Jennings 8 Podcast Part One
    This week we start covering the maddening story of the Jennings 8.  Eight women were murdered in a short space of time in a town of 10,000 people, and they were all connected in one way or another. There is also a substantial Acadia rant at the beginning so consider yourself forewarned.
  • The Winchester House Podcast
    Shooey, Mells and Acadia dive into the story behind the wacky Winchester House in San Jose, California.  The story of Sarah Winchester is pretty interesting and Mells has actually been to the house so this is as close to on the spot reporting as we are ever going to get!
  • Operation Mincemeat
    Acadia and Mells tell you the fascinating story of what happens when a bunch of people in a basement in London decide to try to fool Hitler into thinking the Allies were going to attack one place instead of another!
  • The Louis LePrince Podcast
    Who really invented the movie camera? Join Mells, Acadia, and Shooey as they deep dive into the mystery surrounding Louis LePrince. Have question? Comments? Email us at strangefulthings@gmail.com. Or support us at https://Patreon.com/Strangefulthings   Thanks!
  • The Fresno Nightcrawler Podcast
    This week we're talking all about cryptids and a nice follow up on a declassified UFO we covered in our episode USS Nimitz! Join Acadia, Mells, and Shooey on a trip down to Fresno, CA in this episode. And also hear us gloat a bit about the dancing tic tac. Have questions? Comments? Email us […]
  • The Gobekli Tepe Podcast
    We have never covered a topic that changes history as much as this one. Join Mells, Shooey and Acadia on a journey to Turkey and the distant past. And there might be some mysteries in there, too!
  • The Georgia Guidestones
    This week join Acadia, Mells, and Shooey as they dive into the Georgia Guidestones. Controversially known as America's Stonehenge, this oddity is not far from where Mells grew up! The crew will discuss all sorts of weird stuff like freemasons, Rosecrucians, and much more so be sure to tune in. As quoted by a former […]
  • The Ax Man of New Orleans, Part Two
    Part two of the Axeman (yeah, I'm spelling it different this week, whaddaya gonna do?) of New Orleans is upon us from the "Hottest hell." Find out what happens when a scrawny, weakling of a killer decides to hold an entire town hostage with the threat of ax murder to make jazz and the Sears […]

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