That 10,000 Dong (lol) note up there represents the funniest thing I could find with 10,000 written on it.  It signifies the Ten Thousandth comment the site has gotten since we turned into wordpress whenever that was.  Maybe 2008.

I went back and looked at the first comment and it said:

test comment

Good stuff.

I tried to think of other things that have occurred ten thousand times in the past few years and as far as I can tell the list consists of:

  • Me saying: “this makes me no money; I quit”
  • Vange saying something about cheese or Tom Petty
  • Us deleting spam comments (in the same space of time, we have deleted 97,089 spam comments – why are we deleting them?)
  • Me whackin’  it <– to be fair, it’s the only thing that distracts me from taking the site down

So, after the jump you can see the pearl of wisdom that was our 10,000th comment.  Thanks.  It’s all we get paid so make sure you say something.  Damn that’s depressing.  I need to wrap this up so I can go whack it and cheer myself up.

THE 10,000th COMMENT!

Is there no one else but me creeped out by the idea of Peeps stuck to skin? — Sangfroid

Well said, buddy.