125-125 Remember the old logo?  I do!  But it got replaced like, five years ago.  Now it’s the cigarette girl.  But it is really 1/2 of the cigarette girl, and that has always bugged me.  I asked various artists to give me a price on making the rest of her but for years people flaked.  Until I found Two Strip Technicolor.  They gave me a reasonable price to make our lady whole, and we actually ended up with two version.  TWO VERSIONS!

So of course now we can’t decide which to use.

I sort of want to use both, but that is not practical.  We can only use one at a time.  And your input is valuable.  Let us know which version you prefer in the poll and I think she needs a name.  I like: Trixie.  Make suggestions in the comments.

Anyone who comments will be eligible to win a prize.  Someone from this thread is gonna win a $25.00 Amazon gift card!




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