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Waiting for the Train, Episode 5

Waiting for the Train, Episode 5


 This week we discuss the Gallerypalooza meetup, live show and shenanigans planned for April in Parsippany, NJ, Jenn likes a band, Acadia is alive and Jenn hates Boston.  Acadia gives a helpful tip and good week, bad week features a restaurant Acadia could actually go to.  Oh, and there is a physical feat involved!

The Gallerypalooza at Chiller Theater

Here is the link to the event, we will be talking about the actual Gallery part in the coming days.  Ans here are two ridiculous gifs of SOME of the people who will be at the show:



The band Jenn (Cider) is obsessed with, Frightened Rabbit.

Frightened Rabbit’s new video:

The Restaurant from Good Week / Bad Week


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