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Sometimes I get in the mood to talk about music, so I write a nice little article and no one comments. Other times, I want to share music and make a mixtape. This is one of those times. Check it out; it’s a dance mix Ian-style. I hope you all take the time to download this, as there may be fun stuff you haven’t heard before.

1 Animal Collective Peacebone
2 !!!- Heart of Hearts
3 The Apples in Stereo- Signal in the Sky
4 Death from Above 1979- Sexy Results
5 Lil’ Wayne- Let the Beat Build
6 Jay Reatard- Greed Money Useless Children
7 The Blood Brothers- Red Blooded American Girls
8 Bong Ra- Suicide Speed Machine Girl Proper
9 Talib Kweli, Mick Boogie, mc chris- Screamin (Idle Warship)
10 Architecture inĀ Helsinki- Heart it Races
11 The Violent Femmes- Gone Daddy Gone
12 Islands- Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby

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