Here are, in my opinion, the three best commercials from the Super Bowl.  You got a better idea?  Well suck it and put it in the comments.

And good for you Detroit and Chrysler.  I might not want to buy your car or go to your city or stop making fun of you, but I might not want to a little less now.  Well done.  And I’d buy your car before I’d buy a Passat.  Volkswagon is run by Hitler’s ghost.  Awesome commercials notwithstanding.  Also, yay Green Bay?

VW Darth Vader

The dog should have played along.


Pause every fucking scene.  The detail is amazing.  The General Lee has Falcons dice in the mirror and Monica’s Jets shirt is home made.  Pick that shit apart.

Detroit Fights Back (after the jump)

No fair – they get to pick Eminem?