The only thing I know about this movie is that when the body snatchers found someone who wasn’t snatched they would point at them and make some weird noise.  That’s like the big scary part of everything.  Well, apart from all the snatching.  Plenty of snatching.  Not really sure who was getting snatched or why.  Or why the snatchers were snatching.  Seems like a dumb idea for a movie if you ask me.

Anyone know why this is scary?  I mean, it is the 29th Scariest Movie of all Time.  It can’t just be Donald Sutherland’s ‘fro, right?  I mean that’s pretty scary but why the hell would plant aliens want to snatch your body?  Someone explain it for me?  Or make something up.  I don’t care and will probably never know.  In fact, maybe you should just make up plots and I’ll pick the one that seems the best and finance it.  I’m a fat cat, you see.  So have at it.  You might just get lucky and see your Hollywood dreams come true!