You can win someone the money!


All the entrants are in.  So many of you people must be so rich that you don’t need any money.

  1. Winner will get $120.00 in Paypal Cash and a $100.00 Zales Gift Card
  2. The nominees are after the jump.
  3. You vote by leaving a comment with the name of the person you are voting for.
  4. We will accept one vote per IP address per day.  So if you want to vote for yourself every day, knock yourself out.  If you get your friends to vote for you, knock yourself out.  It is one vote per IP per day.  Nothing more.
  5. Voting ends at 12:00AM EST November 7, 2010.
  6. The random draw will take place some point in the future after the voting is over.  Voting in the contest counts as 10 entries in the random draw.
  7. Find the other ways to get in the random drawing for $100.00 by clicking here.

Check out the pics and vote after the jump!