We needed a sports guy.  We used to have Maitland but he only cares about soccer now.  But sometimes we get lucky.  Patrick Newton is a writer for Rant Sports which is gigantic.  It is also way over the heads of most of us over here.  A lot of us tend to be….”inside kids” if you know what I mean.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t read an NFL preview after the second week of the season already started.  Support Patrick as he is giving us instant credibility.  So get your football on, Gallery style.  And by that I mean late! — Acadia

With the start of the 2013 NFL season already begun, many bold predictions have been made. Most of the talk surrounds the same teams making it into the playoffs and potentially Super Bowl contenders. With week one already behind us and week two quickly approaching, lets take a look at some of my own predictions for each division in the AFC.

new-england-patriots-logoIn the AFC East division the New England Patriots are the big bad wolf that scares most teams they face. With Tom Brady at quarterback, expect them to always put some numbers on the board. The Patriots had a lot of changes over the off-season, losing tight end Aaron Hernandez to the law, getting rid of Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd, and acquiring Danny Amendola to replace them. Even with all the changes, good and bad, I can’t see any other team in this division knocking them out of the number one spot. Behind them I have the Miami Dolphins. They had a decent off-season picking up Mike Wallace at wide receiver, and they expect great things from running back Lamar Miller. They also picked up several good veteran players on defense. They won their first game and they looked solid, but Lamar Miller had a terrible game and will need to bounce back and step it up if they want to have any shot at second place in this division. Next I have Buffalo Bills in third place. They lost in week one but it was due to a late game winning drive by the outstanding Patriots that set them up for a field goal to win by two points. They are questionable at quarterback but have a solid running back and quite frankly, they just don’t have as many issues as the New York Jets do. I place the Jets in last place because they haven’t shown any smart moves since picking up Tim Tebow a few years ago. Mark Sanchez is terrible at QB and we just don’t know how Geno Smith will hold up. The squeaked by with a win against Tampa Bay and that was a shock to all. As of now I’m calling it a fluke win and expect them to slowly fade back into fourth place where they belong.  Now on to the AFC North!