Christy Ramsey won.  I got a lot of referrals from AOL on voting day so I have to assume she tricked a bunch of old ladies into voting for her.  This is why you need to vote!

Took a little longer than usual, but it’s time for you to vote on your fave costumes from this year’s contest.  The three main winners (chosen by Eva Halloween and me) are above, but everyone is eligible for People’s Choice.  You can vote here, then be totally corrupt and go over to The Year of Halloween and vote there, too!  Winners will get some cool stuff and you can feel free to comment on the pics as needed, including my amazing gif making skills.  Oh, and if you want to make up your own categories for people (best photoshopped sign, etc.) knock yourselves out.  Use the comments.  Eva is the one sending the prizes out this year so I don’t care – heh.

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