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The 1950s were stupid.  Women didn’t have equal rights and they certainly didn’t have the same elevation as men.  That was soon fixed in the 60s with the advent of fuck-me-pumps.  However, women still sucked. They didn’t earn as much as men and they couldn’t go to school or vote like men.

This is me in my apartment, chillaxing to the Rolling Stones. Sorry for the small photo; I used my microiPhone.

Society has learned a fuckin’ lot since then – like iPods, iPhones, iPads and Windows 2015. And, because of these things, society has become a lot more adept and righted the wrongs and wronged the rights to make a far more harmonious society. However, the woman’s revolution really didn’t go far enough since the 70s and really stagnated in the 2010 era and society isn’t really as harmonious as it should be, due to this fact.

Even though women are earning [in many cases] more than men and have better job prospects than men, they really don’t have their full, rightful and retrospective status as equals amongst the unequals of men. Thus, as the 2020s Dude, I propose that men pay women even more, and I don’t mean for sex!

It’s really clear to me that for society to be truly progressive, men must accept to give women even greater responsibility, such as to become totally dominant as the earner in the family (where there is one) while letting the man stay at home to look after the house work. Once this is complete, society will be at total peace and harmony and the Republican Party can finally be scrapped.

Smell you later,
20s Dude