28 Days Later is number 16 on the list of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.  Why?  Because it was, at least to my knowledge, the first movie that wondered what things would be like if zombies could run. Like, really run.  Fast.  Faster than you.

See, monsters are supposed to have rules:  vampires can’t come out in the day, werewolves can’t fly, the Creature from the Black Lagoon has to stay pretty close to the Black Lagoon.  And zombies are slow and dumb.

Until this goddamn movie ruined it.  In this – they aren’t “zombies”.  They have a “virus” which means they “run fast as shit and still want to eat you”.  That breaks rules.  It would be like if mummies could drive cars or Godzilla was the president of China.  It’s just not fair.

Setting it in London was a good move, too.  Cause if you are going to have a big epidemic of trackstarzombieitis it’s good to have it on an island.  Those shittin’ things could not swim 26 miles.  Or fashion a raft out of seaside logs.

Could they?

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