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31 Days with the King – Gerald’s Game

31 Days with the King – Gerald’s Game

What would you do if your husband drove you to a secluded lake house with the intention to trying to rekindle a fire that never really burned that brightly to begin with between the two of you? You’d probably think it was an incredibly sweet gesture and perhaps you should just give in to his every whim and see how far it takes you during the night. Instead, you learn that your husband’s flare for the risqué is much more than you’re willing to accept, but you fear it’s too late. This is exactly what happens to Jessie Burlingame in Kings 1992 suspense novel, Gerald’s Game.


This is a story full of horror, not only because Gerald meets and untimely death, leaving Jessie handcuffed to a bed after attempting to spice up the marriage bed with a little kinky action, but because it leaves Jessie scared in more than one way. After being handcuffed with a dead husband on the floor, Jessie has time to recall a particularly harrowing event from her childhood that occurred during an eclipse, hallucinate different versions of herself talking her into surviving, and also encountering a couple of particularly alarming events that eventually leads to a surge of confidence and a newfound will to survive this hell that Gerald has left her in – even in death, he is still a selfish bastard. What comes next is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach as Jessie proves she’s willing to do anything to survive. Like, anything.



Comment below and let us know if you preferred the moved or the novel.

About The Author

Mells Bells

Once upon a time there was a girl born on a dark and dreary winter day. She grew up knowing she was different from the others, but never being able to put her bony finger on what it was. Until one day she read a Stephen King novel, which unlocked the madness that would become her life. She quickly devoured book after book, moving on to classic horror films and deciding that she would live her life different from the others. She researched serial killers and tried to figure out the psyche behind what drove humans mad. She rapidly absorbed cold cases of missing people and became, if only in her mind, a savant of the true crime world. Now she lives her life converting unsuspecting humans to the dark side. The dark side of Mells. She now lives amongst the others as one of them. Waiting for her next conquest. She sounds crazy ... but make no mistake. Her Southern accent will put you in a trance and soon you too will become a true Mells Bells. Seriously, I have two dogs, a kid, and an old man. A devout horror fanatic and obsessed with true crime, I read a lot. A lot.


  1. Jackie Torrance

    I watched the original “Gerald’s Game” movie without having read the book and boy howdy was I not prepared for the “faint of heart and weak of stomach” bit. Yikes! It did inspire me to read the book, though, and I really enjoyed that. Great recommendation!

    • Mells Bells

      Yeah – her escape is harrowing – but not sure which is worse. The psychological fear or the physical. Yikes!

  2. andrew

    I haven’t read this one or seen the recent film but they’re both on my register. It’s an especially interesting concept for myself as a filmmaker. One woman, tied to a bed, dead hubby on the floor and translating that to a cohesive film just sounds like a lot of fun.


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