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31 Days with the King – Lisey’s Story

31 Days with the King – Lisey’s Story

Hey y’all, it’s Jackie, filling in this week for Mells. Tonight for our date with the King I am going to be talking about Lisey’s Story, a novel that King himself has stated is his favorite of all the books he has written. I have personally owned a copy of Lisey’s Story for a long time, but while I only recently got around to reading it, I am glad I did because it quickly became a work I am immensely fond of.

Lisey’s Story tells the tale of Lisey Landon, the widow of famous, successful novelist Scott Landon, who has finally begun to clean  out her deceased husband’s study two years after his death. While cleaning, Lisey is forced to recall memories of her husband so less-than-perfect that she has repressed or even completely forgotten them. As Lisey confronts not only her memories of her husband and his dark past, she also must grapple with being stalked and terrorized by an insane fan who threatens to do her unspeakable harm.

At the heart of Lisey’s Story is this: the immensely interesting—and in this case, even terrifying—concept that you can be married for years to someone and think you know everything there is to know about them, only to realize when they are gone that you really knew very little of them in the grand scheme of things. I would recommend Lisey’s Story to anyone looking to dive into a more romance-driven psychological horror book this October.

Have you read Lisey’s Story? If so, what did you think of it? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below, and, as always, don’t forget to subscribe to Superficial Gallery, where we post the quality content you deserve.

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Jackie Torrance

Jackie Torrance grew up in the cornfields of the American Midwest near Gatlin, Nebraska. She was a small, strange child with an affinity for playing near the sewers and setting things on fire. However, as she aged, the plainness and quiet of the Midwest failed to satisfy Jackie's growing yearning for adventure, and on the night of her senior prom, she stole her boyfriend's vintage 1958 Plymouth Fury, and headed out west to Colorado. There she spent several weeks hiking in the mountains and writing a novel whilst staying at the Overlook Hotel. Upon the completion of said novel, she restarted her roadtrip and drove east until she reached Maine. After living a few years in the town of Derry working as a librarian, she relocated to Castle Rock, where she is currently employed as a reporter for the Daily Call. In all seriousness, I'm a Midwestern girl in her senior year of college to get a major in film studies and a minor in screenwriting. I enjoy reading books, listening to classic rock, writing, and drinking whiskey. The only thing true about the above bio is that there's a cornfield across from my house.


  1. Mells Bells

    Lisey’s story is a very underrated and overlooked King piece. It’s one of my favorites. The story is compelling, especially as a married woman myself. It’s a bit of horror that every spouse thinks of at some point or another. Great review, Jaxx!

  2. Andrew

    I’ve never read it either but I can definitely say that the idea of any of that happening in my own life would be absolutely nuts. Being with someone for that long but not actually knowing them would be devastating.


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