Howdy y’all – can you believe we’re nearly halfway through October?! For today’s King review, I picked a novel that King wrote in a different style than his normal horror/sci-fi genre, The Colorado Kid. This novel is the first in a two novel series in which King tells the story of a crime and mystery surrounding an unidentified body found off the coast of Maine in a small town. The story takes the reader on a dead end cold case journey that has remained a mystery in the small town for decades. The small town newspaper staff, comprised of two people only, have remained captivated with the case and take it upon themselves to solve the case of the Colorado kid and what happened to him on that fateful day in small town Maine. The novel was loosely adapted to a hit television series on SyFy titled Haven, which aired for five years from 2010-2015. Join King as he tells the tale from a third person perspective and has everyone wondering, what happened to the Colorado kid?

Have you read this novel by King? Did you enjoy reading a novel from King based on crime vs. horror? Did you watch the SyFy series instead? If so, comment below and let us know what you thought about the series. Don’t forget to subscribe to Superficial Gallery for all the hot horror goss and get your daily serving of tea!