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31 Scary Things – #5 – Snakes


You know what I watched the other day?  Conan the Barbarian.  Thulsa Doom was the leader of the snake cult.  Conan kicked his ass, though.  So I guess if you are Conan the Barbarian you won’t think this is scary at all.  But odds are if you are Conan the Barbarian you aren’t reading this.  And if you ARE Conan the Barbarian and you are reading this…hey.


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  1. ann

    yep, I would definately shit if a snaked jumped out of my cereal…lol

  2. Hotspur

    Sneaky Snake

  3. Nicole Ireland

    I’m afraid of snakes. I scream like banshee when I see one.

  4. sangfroid

    I love these bites o Halloween. It’s like a trick or treat candy for the ear.

  5. VetTech

    Snakes are scary… and the music is great… you can sing that kesha song to the tune.


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