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31 Scary Things – #26 – Zombies


Seems like these days everyone is on a zombie kick.  Zombies are the new Vampire!  Anyway – click after the jump to see the video.  You want to keep up with the times, no?


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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. loolpooq

    the fast moving ones from 28 days later were scary

  2. Kyle Dockery

    Yeah…zombies in any form are the single most terrifying thing to me. I may or may not have thirty or so plans for the zombie apocalypse, which I firmly believe WILL happen at some point, hopefully not in my lifetime.

  3. Nicole

    I just hope when it occurs that Beans and Melzer are our defenders….If we’re all still alive, that is.


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