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Mad Men and Game of Thrones – or, The Reasons To Watch Television

Mad Men and Game of Thrones – or, The Reasons To Watch Television

Oh hey kiddos. Looking forward to another installment of me telling you what to read on the internet? Great! Here you go:

Mad Men is back! Check out this completely subjective list (which I pretty much agree with) of the 24 best scenes of the series before Sunday night’s episode.

Also relevant to your interests may be some reminders of why Pete Campbell is the absolute worst.

Oh hey want to see a supercut of every on-screen drink in Mad Men through the first 5 seasons or so? OK there you go.

If you’re a huge Peggy Olsen fan like me, you might like this interview with Elisabeth Moss.

Here is a spoiler-heavy review of some key things that happened in the return episode Easter Sunday.


And, as a super observant friend pointed out, the stewardess Don… spends time with (be serious, that’s not a spoiler) this episode is the same one that has greeted him on flights to/from visiting Megan in L.A. Oh, Don.

In case you forgot, I kind of love TV shows too much and so not only am I in the throes of my love for Vikings, which I might write more about this week, but I’m also gearing up for the return of Game of Thrones this upcoming Sunday. I almost can’t handle all my TV joy at the moment. It would only be complete if The Walking Dead didn’t just wrap up their season 9 days ago.

Here is a sort of mildly-spoiler-y article about the first four episodes of Game of Thrones this season.

Drew Barrymore wearing a Mother of Dragons t-shirt while holding her kids is kind of my everything.

There is a Sesame Street parody of GofT.

An illustrated guide to all 456 deaths so far (I assume this is semi-major characters and not, you know, battlefield deaths of large swaths of people).

Here is a collection of one-liners by Tyrion Lannister, possibly my favorite character, although it’s hard to choose between him and Daenerys Targaryen.

Seth Meyers takes Jon Snow to a dinner party. I mean, that really needs no explanation or introduction. Just watch it.

You’re welcome! Happy watching!

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  1. Acadia Einstein

    I have never seen an episode of Mad Men and never will. Just like I have never seen the movie Grease

    • Cider

      OK let me tell you some things, Acadia. 1. I have never seen Grease either and never will. So you’re on safe ground there. I feel that we’ve established a certain understanding. 2. But the fact that you refuse to watch one of the best TV series ever made is just unacceptable to me. Therefore, I am now in the planning stages of a trip to your home where I will tape your eyeballs open and keep you high on uppers and force you to watch episodes one after another until you agree that it is brilliant, and then I will let you sleep, but not untie you from the chair (oh did I mention that?) until you have completed watching the previous seasons with me. You are welcome.

      • Sangfroid

        We need you to review Outlander. I am so confused about whether the spanking scene was titillating or an outrage.

  2. Cider

    Of note: WHY THE FUCK can’t I get my avatars to sync between WordPress and wordpress or whatever the fuck the difference is between me signing into this site or the corporation of WordPress itself? WordPress, I give you a D+.


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