So WordPress tells you how many posts you have published and I noticed the other day that it was getting close to 5000.  This is how many it is as I type this:

So I guess I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how the site has performed over the years, and let you see the former glory.


As you can see, things have taken a BIT OF A DIP.  And while I like to tease some people on the team, the decline did coincide with some Google changes as well as some people telling me that “everything will be fine”

So I guess technically that is true, because it will be.  But not because I did (or didn’t) do things based on the advice of caring pals who wanted to say I was overreacting  It will be because I will revert to being a brutal dictator who imposes my will like a wild-eyed sweaty madman.  Thanks of course to the people who have been involved along the way and still are.  We would have never been anything at all without you

Special thanks to everyone who has stuck with us.  Including you tongue people who will never see this because you are tongue people and don’t know there are posts on the site without tongues in them.  I am assembling an even greater team by adding some awesome folks and am proud of what we’re doing. 

And while I am approximately a million dollars in the hole as a result of this endeavor, I assume if I had spent the same amount of time doing crack, I would be even worse off  Except for having some delicious crack.

This is my favorite pic from the time we have worked on the site with two people actually in the same physical location  LOOK HOW BUSINESSY WE LOOK!  Follow Sherilyn at @sherilynreedus

Oh, and you might know the site is named this because it originally featured images of people who posted on forum.  We’re still here  They are gone  That’s something, right?  So what do you think of all this nonsense?  5000 is a lot, you know!