Look, Ma...I drawed a picture for you.

The following are answers kindergarten students provided to the questions posed.  Most are pretty darn funny; I omitted the sweet ones.  I mostly just like laughing.  Lookit puppies sleeping in a big pile if you wanna “awww.”

My mom has ________ hair:

  • blonde, clean hair with a weird black bump
  • black, shaved-down and soft
  • sometimes curly black
  • straight brown and stuff
  • sometimes curly
  • dirty
  • messy yellow
  • clean
  • brownish-blackish
  • curly
  • brown tangle-y
  • black straight and curly.

My mom cooks the best _____:

  • spaghetti but I don’t eat it; I make my own macaroni & cheese in the microwave
  • octopus
  • frito pie
  • food
  • roast beast
  • salad
  • Little Debbie’s
  • squid psghetti

My mom’s favorite restaurant is:

  • Golden Corral
  • McDonald’s
  • Jack in the box
  • Dominoes
  • some Chinese place with the Jello
  • that place with the lady waitress with the big butt who gived me ice cream.

My mom relaxes by:

  • sleeping
  • sitting
  • sleeping while lying down
  • taking a nap in the bed
  • lying around in the bed
  • watching Ghost Hunters
  • watching TV but she won’t tell me what show
  • watching the TV but not cartoons, only people stuff shows
  • taking a rest
  • lying in the hammock but only alone;  it doesn’t work if other people are there even if you are only in the yard you still have to go inside
  • roller skating
  • The best answer by far was:  “My mom relaxes by taking a bath because Daddy got her a new faucet but then she has to take a shower.”

What do you and your mom enjoy doing together?

  • We like to clean everything in the house especially the glass thing
  • Watching Sponge Bob
  • Maybe we like going to the park together?
  • watching General Hospital
  • lying in the bed together
  • playing Monopoly on the Wii
  • going to the mall for gumballs
  • cleaning my closet
  • looking for rocks and maybe worms.

My mom is really good at:

  • drawing circles
  • waitressing
  • kickboxing
  • my homework
  • washing my hair
  • doing me a braid
  • watching TV
  • running but I’m faster ’cause she’s fat
  • holding me under the water
  • lying on the couch
  • macaroni & cheese
  • cooking me some food
  • not stepping on Legos unless it is dark and then she does and she yells and I want her to just use a flashlight but she said no, I need to pick up my toys.

My mom helps me:

  • clean my room
  • zip my backpack when it’s full of stuff
  • write words
  • sometimes cook cookies like that, yum
  • write words correctly
  • cook dinner
  • read books, cereal boxes & billboards
  • find stuff sometimes
  • doing stuff I need to do & when I will get some hard homework I might want her to help me read my homework so I know what to do so I ask her, “What does this say?,” and she usually tells me but the pages I don’t do are the ones she won’t read to me
  • she puts me to sleep a lot.

My mom is prettiest when:

  • she goes out on dates
  • she washes the dog
  • she wears dresses but that’s only sometimes
  • she gets married in a wedding
  • she scrubs the floor
  • she goes to the hair salon
  • it is after school
  • it is morning
  • maybe when it’s afternoon?
  • when she changes my sister’s diaper
  • when she wears her turquoise earrings
  • she goes places.

My mom likes it when I:

  • do what she says the first time
  • she likes it when I am asleep because I am not talking but I was raised to be a talker but she likes me not to talk so when I am asleep she likes it
  • when I walk away from sisters in a fight
  • play video games
  • do the silverware
  • don’t do bad stuff
  • play with her
  • clean my room but I don’t do it much
  • bes nice
  • clean the bathroom floor
  • do what she says without arguing.

My mom is the best because:

  • she lets me stay
  • she cooks dinners for us almost every night
  • sometimes she gives me treats with surprises like a diamond
  • sometimes she lets us play outside
  • she cooks food most days
  • she makes good stuff and my bed and sometimes she wears dresses and she is nice when she isn’t mad

Happy Mother’s Day!