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Acadia Einstein is More Famous Than Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Editor’s note: Eva emailed me to let me know she was busy and didn’t think she would be able to finish the post. I looked at it and realized that the title was good enough to stand on its own so it didn’t really need anything else in it. –Acadia

Eva’s note: Sigh. NEVER MIND.

Since Acadia left all my random notes and links in, I’ll go ahead and update the post to clarify that he is officially internet famous now that he did a guest podcast on The Psycho Sideshow, which you should totally go listen to. CLEARLY he’s more internet famous than Zoe Saldana, who, based on the podcast, Acadia has never heard of. So to help Acadia out (and to save Zoe from certain internet obscurity), here’s a whole Zoe Saldana gallery (or is it Zoë Saldaña? My keyboard isn’t fancy enough for the second one. Or my fingers are too lazy. Possibly both). You can find even more Zoe Saldana in the Superficial Gallery Celeb photo mine, in case you were more successful than I was at play hooky from work today and need something to do between Arrested Development and napping.


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  1. DasBub

    I listened to this. The article. Not the podcast. I experienced the podcast via scent.

  2. Don Quikaung

    Admittedly, since I met Acadia on G+, any time I see a picture of a luchador, I automatically assume it is him. Therefore, Acadia is everywhere and watching everything – and knows where the body is hidden. Of course, this is only when he stops chasing people out of his yard and recruiting for his army.


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