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Acadia Returns to the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast – Episode 11

Acadia makes his return to the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast as normal co-host Jared departs for the high seas and a cruise to Mexico, where, allegedly, of course, he will pick up the proper opiates that our fearless leader Acadia needs. But, uh, yeah, so, we get Acadia on the record talking politics this week. His favorite things about all of these politicians that he adores, you know?

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Allegedly On The Issues is back this week with guest host Acadia. It’s safe to infer from this that Jared, our conservative host, is not taking this whole “Donald Trump, presumptive nominee” thing very well. In fact, it’s somewhat painful for the guy and he needed a vacation to get away from it all.

Acadia fills in admirably this week, and, well, we have a little fun at Jared’s expense during this week’s comedy segment…in which we tear apart and point out the flaws in the United States Constitution. Jared loves that thing! Yet, he’s nowhere to be seen to defend that little slice of old paper.

Also covered on the show:

– Should a conservative run against Trump as a Third Party Candidate? (1:48)
– Will the Supreme Court look at the case of citizens video recording police officers? (5:34)
– London elected a Muslim Mayor…will this have any impact on the Islamaphobia Donald Trump attempts to stir up? (8:20)
– Will North Carolina back down to the United States Department of Justice when it comes to their transgender bathroom bill? (10:59)
– Vicente Fox blames a lot of the perils of Mexico on the American Drug War. Does he have a point? (13:35)

As well, in our featured topic this week, we discuss all things Trump vs. Hillary, as we will during almost every week between now and early November.

Listen to previous episodes below (not with Acadia, but, you should listen anyway!):

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  1. Sangfroid

    I’m afraid the election will be decided on how many republicans don’t like Trump versus how many democrats don’t like Hillary.

  2. Maitland

    In that case, I think Hillary wins fairly easily. Hillary’s unfavorable are the highest for a Presidential candidate, outside of Trump, but, her’s aren’t astronomically high compared to where Obama was in 2012. Plus, I think Hillary’s should drop some when Bernie supporters who have been irked by Clinton this Primary season come around to supporting her some. Hillary is generally liked among Democrats. Trump, on the other hand, is not.


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