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Actors working out for super hero roles

Actors working out for super hero roles

So whenever you are sitting with your significant other and you see some super in shape actor or actress and they compare themselves unfavorably, the correct answer is: yeah but that’s their job.

You know?  If someone gave you a million bucks and said: “you need to be in crazy shape in a year and then you get to be a super hero and then get another million bucks” and you didn’t have to go shopping for yourself etc. etc. you could do it, too!

So rather than see a bunch of gals working out (I will show the Baywatch gals later being funny) I thought showing you this clip someone put together of the fellas going through their workouts*.  And my gosh that Chris Evans is something! *swoons*.  Enjoy!

*not pictured: Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Alfred, or Stephen Hawking

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