I’m sure you are all familiar with Fiverr and if you aren’t then you need to go spend like 14 hours there immediately.  It is a cornucopia of doofuses willing to do amazing things for five bucks.  Not those kinds of things, mind you.  Silly stuff, mostly.

But there are a lot that are “marketing” focused.  And once a long time ago I dared Eva Halloween to post a commercial I made for her if I ever got around to actually making it.  Well I did and you can view it here.  A masterpiece, no?  No.  It is awful.  And that was sort of the point.  It was supposed to be sort of a joke and to be fair the commercial for the gig was way better than what I got.  He offered to give me a refund but it was five bucks and I felt too cheap to make him send me it back.  But next time I am definitely going to be more discerning.

I really have to be because here’s what Eva Halloween did in retaliation (if that’s what you call it).  The fiverr part is good, but the intro and the bump she put at the end are outstanding.  Like – I don’t even need to have the rest of the video.  Her and her damn overachieving.  Now I need to up my game.  Maybe fiverr has a guy who spells the name of your site in the snow with pee.  He would have to drink a TON to spell