Agyness Deyn


She changed her name from Laura Hollins (boring!) to Agyness Deyn which was probably really smart. Her new name makes her sound exotic and that’s always a bennie in the modeling world. The new name actually suits her looks better. Her album isn’t very large but it’s fairly comprehensive. If there are any Aggy fans out there (not Aggie fans, that’s waaay different!) feel free to send me new pix of her — especially tongue pix!!

I started working for The Gallery back in 2006, reorganizing the Tongue Galleries, and somehow just became seduced by the oddity of celebrity tongues. From there, I built and created the mine from nothing and then began editing articles and now I do everything except worry about getting sued. Eat that, Acadia. Mister Big Shot!

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  1. Jordasche Kingston
    July 31, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    She’s interesting looking for sure. I think the name change was wise as well and much better suited for her.

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