Sondra stood sideways along the length of the bedroom mirror admiring the curve of her profile.  Of course, she wasn’t looking at her face; no, she was looking at her chest—at her tits in particular.  For the first time in her life they were.  Yes…they were.

All of her life they had been rather absent.  In fact, since puberty, she had been the butt of everyone’s jokes.  It began in the seventh grade, when all of the other girls started to blossom, as her mother had so delicately termed it.  Sondra’s body remained unchanged, boyish and lanky, while the other girls seemed to become women overnight.

Near the end of eighth grade the boys had started to call her “A Pirate’s Treasure” because she had a sunken chest.  By the time they all came back from summer vacation to enter high school, she was more collectively known as, “Ahoy, Matey!”

All through high school, everyone addressed her by that horrible moniker; girls, boys, even a few of the teachers had gotten in on the joke.   There had been a particular group of nasties, a handful of cheerleaders and a couple of football players, who instigated most of the name calling, humiliating Sondra at every turn.

“Ahoy, Matey!”

Sondra shook her head and snorted, and then she reached up to cup the underside of her right breast.  She squeezed the firm round flesh in her hand and smiled.  She’d been a double d cup for almost two months now, and still hadn’t quite gotten used to it.  It hadn’t changed her—well, not much—but after having spent her entire life with a boyishly thin body and little in the way of feminine curve, it was definitely an improvement.

Her ten year high school reunion was just a week away, and for the first time in her life she was actually looking forward to seeing every last one of their faces.

“I dare them to Ahoy, Matey me now,” she shook the supple mound of her breast in hand and smirked.

“What are you on about?” Todd came out of the bathroom still towel-drying the wavy locks of his shoulder-length hair.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she shook her head, surprised by the sudden press of his cool, naked flesh against her own.  Parts of him were still wet from the shower, specked with cold droplets of water that splashed against her skin when their bodies collided.  She leaned the back of her head against his shoulder, exposing her neck so he could kiss her. “Just something the kids at school used to tease me about.”  She felt her mouth pull into a grin.

Todd’s moist lips roved over the sensitive skin on her shoulder, then crawled along the slender curve of her neck. “Who would dare tease you?”

His hands slid up her waistline and he stopped to cradle her hands, which still rested beneath the soft underside of her breasts.  He grasped both of them within the open span of his palms.  They jiggled, and Sondra watched the expression of her own face in the mirror.  She’d done it for Todd, even though he’d insisted that he liked her just the way she was.  She’d only had them for two months, and they were already the best investment she had ever made.  Their sex life had improved dramatically, and though he had never complained before about the evident lack of flesh where her breasts should have been, he now played with them like a child with a brand new toy.

“No one will ever tease me again,” she assured him, turning in to face him and looping her arms around his neck.

His forearms lowered into the small of her back, lifting her naked body against his, “Don’t bet on that.”  When he kissed her, the corners of his mouth lifted into a sinister grin and Sondra giggled.

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