I think the fact that these assholes are wearing those nylon track suits that are apparently the Russian equivalent of a black t-shirt with a rebel flag on it somewhere gives this video an air of authenticity.  However, I cannot see anyone putting their nuts in that much peril.  Sitting on something that is intended to explode with nothing between it and your sack but a piece of wood wrapped in a rag is NOT a good idea.  Unless that something is a hot chick and the “explode” part is a metaphor for something good.

The only other thing that makes it seem real is the way his friends just keep laughing at him.  He looks like he really might be hurt but his pals (who blew him up in the first place) just laugh and laugh.  I thought in fake videos they went out of their way to make it seem like they were worried about the person.  That time I pretended to be knocked out in the Gallery office and Vange got all worried and ran over and I yelled BOOGA!  really loud and then blacked out a little and maybe hit her with a toaster oven it was funny as hell.  Sure, she didn’t move for a while, and now her eye is sort of…not where it’s supposed to be.  But she’s a trooper.  Good old Vange.

Seriously.  I wish the video had come out.  And don’t be calling the police.  This is a post, not a confession.  Just watch the video below and let me know if it’s fake or not.