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Alien Hand Infection Spreads in Celebrity Community

Remember a few months ago when Rihanna nearly birthed a full-size alien hand out of her lady business on stage?  Actually, me neither.  *pours another drink*  That is, until Beyoncé turned up on the cover of Flaunt magazine sporting a freaky long hand where – CLEARLY – no hand should be. Sure, she tried to distract from her alien hand by being naked and covered in glitter, but I hardly think…we…mmm…glittery.
beyonce nude for flaunt magazine


– Is This What They Mean by “Alien Hand Syndrome”?

Freaky Beyoncé Tongue

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  1. Acadia

    That hand is NOT okay.

  2. Cornmeal

    Pfft. I can do that.

  3. Don Quikaung

    I could do that too, but I’m pretty sure either her body guards or Jay-Z’s body guards would beat me to a pulp.


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