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Alien – 8th Scariest Movie of All Time

Alien.  One of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.  And anyone who thinks this movie does not deserve its spot in the top ten doesn’t really get how movies work.  Suspense, claustrophobia, Sigourney Weaver inexplicably stripping down to her underwear, a kick ass monster, shock, gore and outer space.

One cannot say that those are the elements that any horror movie needs, but in reality, it sort of is.  Just replace outer space with something else, like a haunted tree or a jet-ski and switch out Sigourney Weaver with some other hot chick and you’re good to go.  So is this a compliment?  Am I ruining scary movies by reducing them to a formula?  I think not.  The variations are what make the good movies good.  Food comes from a recipe but that doesn’t mean that one guy doesn’t do the same dish better than someone else, right?  Like a BLT in a haunted tree, Alien is a bad-ass horror movie and deserves to be here.

Go watch it.  Now.  Chicken.

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  1. Kyle Dockery

    Aliens are scary…I guess. I find them more interesting and kinda ridiculous as well. Humanoid aliens annoy me, but things like the Xenomorph are awesome. I could go on for a long time on this…>.>

  2. bluzdude

    As much as I liked Alien, I thought Aliens was better. More bad guys, better comic relief, more suspense and one of the best human vs monster showdowns ever. Flick had me crawling out of my seat.

    “Get away from her you BITCH!”

  3. captain america

    most americans are indeed ALIENS.

    • Sangfroid

      You’re just figuring this out?


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