Don't be lookin' at me, Eckleburg. You don't know me.

So they are remaking The Great Gatsby which means that my genius brain was right AGAIN.  Not that I predicted the remake of the movie but rather that Art Deco would make a big comeback on the coattails of the Baz Luhrmann / Leonardo DiCaprio flick coming out this Christmas.  As you can see by the design of this site *waits for you to appreciate the design of the site* Art Deco is something we take seriously around here.

Why Art Deco?  Well, quite a few reasons, actually.  Here are just a few.

  • It’s the only art style that any doofus can identify (like me).  Try pointing out something and saying: Oh look at that beautiful…Expressionist…thing.  Nobody would know if you were right.  And if someone did, it would be some professor and who wants them around with their nit-picking?
  • It applies to all sorts of things.  Posters, buildings, pencil sharpeners, even desks!  You can’t do that with the Renaissance.  They didn’t HAVE pencil sharpeners.
  • It is easier to make a whole world out of Art Deco than any other style.  Think about Bioshock!  Actually, after the jump you can see EXACTLY what I mean. I’ll even throw in how I want to do my kitchen.  Oh and also the trailer for the movie.  Why couldn’t they get a hot girl to play Daisy?  And how funny is it that the Long Island Medium is the next famousest thing from Long Island.  Poor Long Island, lol.

All those lines make it Art Deco. It is also where the word "DECOration came from"...

This will sort of be my kitchen, but with more Hot Pockets.

Game is scary and beautiful. Like Cher!