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All Request Friday – A Review

Bad parenting can cause things like Micheal Myersism

Bad parenting can cause things like Micheal Myersism

As part of All Request Friday I was asked to review The Art and Science of Parenting.  So off I went to read it and give you my rave review.  So here I am back to rave.  I am going to do my review in bullet point format because everyone likes bullet points.

  • The site is hosted at blogspot which means it has that annoying bar on the top.  But after you get past that, the site is a nice shade of purple.  Not too Easter Egg, not too Prince.  Just the right amount of Purple.
  • The amount of crap on the right side is similar to the amount of crap on the right side of this site, so I have no complaints there.
  • The first post was about the author having strep throat.  She said she couldn’t really post because of it.  But I assume she’s lying cause she doesn’t have strep fingers!  But the post took like, two seconds to read so yay.
  • The next one is about the author going to the Walgreen’s clinic.  It was at this clinic that she confirmed that she had strep.  It was also at this moment that I realize the previous post was a Spoiler.  She is definitely a helpful writer, cause she includes links in her posts that people might actually use and need.  Unlike me, who links to this.
  • The next post is real and she takes some list of important ‘how to raise your adolescent’ she grabbed from some other site and added her own twist to it.  I didn’t really read it because I don’t care, but she made her points in red which was helpful.  Then I remembered that I am really supposed to be reviewing it and really tried to read it but I still didn’t care.  At least you can buy candy and shit at Walgreen’s.  This was about KIDS.  Kids are like…midgets who can’t swear or drink.  But then I found this and it made me lol:

Changes in finances. This age range has finances…. Yeah – Mom, I need money. Mom, I need more money. Mom —- can I PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE have some money…

So that made me laugh cause I remember doing that.  And I remember my mom giving me a dollar and some pot and making me go to the dirty movie house all day while she pursued her serial killer career.  And then I realized that parenting really is a science and an art and decided to call my mom at the prison and see how she was doing.  So good job, website.  You really made me think!

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  1. Mom

    I love the useless link in the midst of the review…

  2. Acadia

    I like your whole site!

  3. loolpooq

    good review

  4. Tellie

    LOL, very interesting review

  5. Tina T

    Too funny. I almost had coffee coming out of my nose at the part about the strep throat spoiler (hey, I’m easily amused sometimes). I think that you have found a very effective way to stop all those pesky requests for website reviews.

  6. Diane Miller

    Great review, had me laughing through out and now I must go check out the other site.

  7. Mom


    Are you kidding? I love this review that Acadia did. It was done in true Superficial style.



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