This week on the Allegedly On The Issues Political Podcast Doug and Jared get you caught up in time for the New York Primary. Spoiler Alert: Trump wins! It’s also time to bash New York. Their Primary finally means something, and since New Yorkers are loud, brash, and always obnoxious, they will certainly let you know how important they believe their Primary is. AOTI knocks them down a notch in this episode.

The current episode is below, with the entire archive of recent episodes, including our interview with Stand Up Comedian Gerrit Elzinga.

This week on Allegedly On The Issues, a Political Podcast with your Hosts Doug (on the left side of the aisle) and Jared (on the right side of the aisle) mix it up about both Presidential Primaries as they slide into New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

It was a good week for John Kasich…because DAMN did he put some food down in NYC this past week. Unfortunately for Kasich, that’s all that happened, as he will not win the New York Primary this Tuesday. It was a bad week for Bill Nye. Dude, you should be able to out argue Sarah Palin when it comes to science. Or, any subject for that matter.

What else are we talking this week? We kick around discussion on whether we should see ourselves write up a new Constitution every so often and we also discuss whether mandatory enhanced penalties for fentanyl should be a part of the new crime “reform” bill, given how the whole powder/crack cocaine debacle has influenced this need for a crime “reform” bill. We’ll also discuss Bill Nye, Sarah Palin and dance around the issue of climate change.

Our main topic? The Democrats. The Debate in Brooklyn Thursday night got quite chippy between the two candidates. Bernie seems way behind and desperately needs to pull a W in New York. Will he? Jared doesn’t think so.