Allegedly On the Issues Political Podcast – With Doug and Jared – is back for Episode 6. They get into all of the Election coverage. Then, they wander away from election coverage, but, of course, double back for more election coverage as they preview the Wisconsin Primary. Also on the show? What scandalous political headline/story will the National Enquirer break next?

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This week on Allegedly On The Issues with Doug and Jared, we discuss the latest political news. Which, of course, means Trump, Bernie, Hillary, Cruz. And, sure, we toss in a little John Kasich. Although, he’s becoming Jeb Bush levels of irrelevant these days.

– Donald Trump – His Pro-Choice Stance on Abortion: The Choice to have many Abortion Choices.
– Hillary Clinton gets angry with Bernie Sanders over alleged lies over Fossil Fuel cash.
– Bernie Sanders starting to get sneaky with the delegate game?
– Florida Gun Laws
– Should Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland just roll in and start work George Costanza style?

In the Comedy Block this week, we discuss National Enquirer Headlines that may come about as we finish off the Primary Season. And, in our main topic block, we discuss the Wisconsin Primary and the possible ramifications that may follow.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!