Allegedly On The Issues – Politics with Doug and Jared is back for our second episode. We start off talking about the Democrats. And, well, the lack of chances that Bernie Sanders has against Hillary Clinton


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Other opening topics discussed: Little Marco and whether he should bow out of the race before Florida, Michael Bloomberg and his irrelevance, as well as mixing it up a bit on the Flint Water Crisis.

After that, we give a farewell to one of the Republican Candidates. We take a look back on the campaign of Dr. Ben Carson and we each give our Top 3 moments in Carson’s campaign.

Our deep dive this week is on the Republican Party and the possibility of a brokered convention. Maybe, Maybe Not. Probably Not. But, maybe.

And, finally, since Doug dominated Jared in Week 1’s Weekly Wager, he gives a closing argument about how the Republican Party can unify through a contested convention.

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