That’s some quality tributing.

You might know already that I think that Allison Scagliotti is a fine actress with a bright future.  Nothing creepy about it.  Nothing creepy at all.  NOW.  Before I sort of thought I was doing okay with the mentions once in a while and maybe a pic here and there.  But look at that thing up there!  This tumblr person made it.  How would one even make something like that?  I can’t compete with that.  Nobody can.  It’s so…artful.

Then again the central pic is sort of weak and if I could I would probably change it out to a better one.  Then again this past weekend I made a gif of the batmobile driving and it took me all day and I worked so hard on it I think I may have pulled a hammy so I might just be being bitter.  So whatever, Tumblr girl.  I’ll figure out some way to outcreep you.  I could spend 6k and make a Real Doll (go ahead, look it up) and pose her with me doing adventures.  That would show you.

Or I could just find the Tumblr girl and hire her to make me some gifs.  That seems like a good use of my resources.  OK.  Good meeting.  Let’s get to work.