By the way, I know that this is St. Patrick’s Day but if I have to talk about another country it’s going to be about the one that is getting its ass kicked and fighting back rather than the one known for drunks, wife beating and gingers.  Also, a long time ago Richard Belzer asked a question about the Irish that I still can’t answer even though I AM Irish.  How the fuck could a country surrounded by water (and fish) die because they had no potatoes?

See that guy in that picture?  He’s from Japan and I hope he’s ok.  You can donate money to help Japan here at the Red Cross.  I wanted to post something Japanese that didn’t involve Godzilla or tentacle porn cause I can’t really get my head around the scope of what’s happened to them and I’m not a total doofus like Gilbert Gottfried (I wish!).  So instead I decided to be nice and offer the Kirsten Dunst Turning Japanese video again.  It’s a masterpiece, and I realized how we can help without donating money.

You know those guys who are trying to fix the nuclear plant?  The volunteers?  They keep walking up to the frigging thing like it was that chamber Spock died in at the end of Star Trek 2 because if they don’t then they are gonna be even more fucked.  That’s pretty goddamn brave.  Remember how apeshit everyone went for the miners in Chile?  All those guys did was sit in a hole for two months.  These Japanese dudes are walking into pretty much certain death.

So – I’m kind of thinking that all 50 of them, when they are done, and whether they succeed or not, should get to nail Kirsten Dunst.  She needs to be dressed like she is in this video and she needs to NOT open her mouth (her teeth would scare them) but she needs to let every frigging one of them take a shot.  Cause they are brave.  I’m the opposite of that.  One time a light bulb in a lamp of mine broke off inside the socket.  And the cord where it was plugged in looked frayed.  So I moved and left it there.  Damn I’m a coward.

To recap: Sorry Japan, this video is a tribute to you, send them money, let the dudes who walked into the radiation hump Kirsten Dunst, I’m a sissy.  And done!  Oh, PS, see if you can spot the anime, giant titted, french maid outfit sporting and eyepatch wearing chick.  Bonus for posting the time stamp when she appears!